Do you feel out of alignment?

Are you feeling pulled towards a plant-based diet as you step into your spiritual practice more?

Balanced babe is a program designed to help the entrepreneurial woman understand how to raise her vibration so she can live and eat in alignment, with purpose and intention. It is a container designed to allow her to understand and recognize when shes out of alignment and how to use food, among other tools, as a conduit for growth.

Balanced Babe is for the entrepreneurial woman stepping into her power and trying to uplevel her life.

For the woman feeling called to shift.

For the woman who is being called to take better care of her body, use food as a means of alignment, and live with purpose.

For the woman searching for a deeper meaning behind the foods we eat & make the connection emotionally, energetically and spiritually with her food.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: I AM aware.

  • Tests to understand imbalances
  • A lesson on vibration/energy
  • A note on the vibrational frequency of animal products
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 2: I AM safe.

  • Root chakra
  • Root chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance & meal plan
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 3: I AM connected.

  • Sacral chakra
  • Sacral chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance & meal plan
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 4: I AM empowered

  • Solar Plexus chakra
  • Solar Plexus imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance & meal plan
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 5: I AM loved

  • Heart chakra
  • Heart chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance & meal plan
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 6: I AM communicative

  • Throat chakra
  • Throat chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance & meal plan
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 7: I AM intuitive

  • Third Eye chakra
  • Third Eye chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Foods to balance
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation

Module 8: I AM one.

  • Crown chakra
  • Crown chakra imbalances
  • Correlating stones & oils
  • Dry/water fasting
  • Journal prompts
  • Group meditation


  • Call replays
  • meditations
  • 20 chakra specific recipe cards
  • Private FB group for continued support
  • Chakra Recipes
  • 5 Sample 1 week chakra healing meal plans

What makes Balanced Babe different from other programs?

Balanced Babe is different from other programs because it steps beyond the typical physical realm of food in macro and micro nutrients, calories, portions, and diet regimens and into the energetics of food. This program provides a container for growth and allowing you to not only be able to spot the imbalances in your life/health/mind but know how to realign them.

I truly believe that knowing and understanding the chakras INCLUDING what to eat is such a valuable tool to have when shifting into your higher self and finding a more aligned and high vibe life. It is truly like a personal growth navigation system.

Balanced Babe takes the entrepreneurial woman into a space where they are able to process the deeper things they are dealing with in their life and how to help that area come into alignment. This is the program where you “do the work”. So often we get caught up in this realm of reading books and listening to podcasts and watching videos and we recognize where the misalignments are and we have so many “me too” and “aha” moments, but we push it aside and think recognition is enough and continue consuming content and never take a minute to sit down and actually “do the work”.

This container is a space for you to do that.

We tap into how to use food in conjunction with techniques in order to align and balance the emotional realm.


Living out of alignment can show up in a number of ways:





-creative blocks

-fear of success

-lack of confidence

-inability to speak your truth

-brain fog

-addiction to stimulants

-and so much more

These imbalances can cause some serious problems when trying to raise your vibration, grow a business, run a home, be a mother, or just live your life. For me, misalignment showed up with anger, inability to handle stress, and adrenal fatigue. In order to heal I had to get out of the imbalanced self, out of misalignment, out of fight or flight and surrender in order to find the answers. In order to do that we have to use food, mindset work, and a spiritual practice in order to raise the vibration and heal from the inside out.

Balanced Babe is for the entrepreneurial woman seeking guidance in navigating her personal development practice. For the woman feeling called to shift.

Your Instructor

Heather Carvey
Heather Carvey

My name is Heather Carvey.

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and studying to become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist with the Energetic Health Institute. It is my mission and passion to help empower, inspire, and guide entrepreneurial women to step into the highest version of themselves, reclaim their energy & health, and heal their adrenals through the power of plants.

I truly believe that in order to embody a thriving and fulfilling business we have to learn to put ourselves first. Our health is so vitally important in all areas of our life and if we dont learn the true meaning of self care, the universe will force us to slow down in ways that arent exactly convenient.

After modeling my own father's entrepreneurial work ethic of completely ignoring his health and pushing himself to the edge, I got hit with severe adrenal fatigue and was forced to make a change. I went full plant based and saw a massive impact not only on my energy and mood but my relationships with my kids, my friends, my business, and more importantly, myself.

It is my mission and obsession to help guide women out of the self-sacrificing hustle and grind loop and learn how to harness the power of plants, holistic health, and self care in it's purest form. To reclaim their energy, upgrade their health, heal their adrenals and live a life full of joy.


Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll


During Balanced Babe you will be guided to understand how energy plays a huge part in our lives, how the chakra systems work, and dive deep into learning and understanding how to use this ancient system to help you step into the next level you’re craving.

Whats included:

  • 8 weekly recorded video trainings (accessible in the private FB group)
  • Private FB group
  • 24 meditation links PLUS a bonus recorded guided meditation
  • 20 downloadable recipe cards
  • 5 chakra specific meal plans
  • 7 downloadable journal pdfs

What will you gain:

  • knowledge of spiritual tools that help in raising your vibration
  • a deeper understanding on which foods nourish the chakras for better alignment
  • techniques on avoiding energy draining
  • weekly meditations
  • knowledge of how to use food to gain better alignment and open blocked energy centers
  • an understanding of spiritual tools and how to use them in your daily practice
  • Learn to listen intuitively to what your body craves for food
  • Connect with the earth and remove lower vibrational blocks

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